Emma Isabella Fernandez (aka Bug) is an 19 year old Korean and Filipino Director/Photographer based in Los Angeles. They studied film in the Cinematic Arts department at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (2019). Now they attend the New School Parsons School of Design for Photography (2023).

In Bug’s narrative work, they enjoy experimenting with ideas close to home but in an altered state of reality. They focus their work around how specific color palettes/production design can be utilized to transcend a specific feeling through the screen. Along with their narrative films, they make more experimental personal work.

More recently, Bug has primarily been doing fashion and music video work. The rhythmic elements of music and the individual style of each artist they work with takes on a new identity through their directorial take on how they decide to present the artist via their own stylistic lens.

Image Above by Gabriel Lopez

Represented by Adolescent Content

Based in LA/NYC


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