SASAMI headlined a show at The Echo on April 3rd, 2019. The show was opened by Gold Cage with sounds that carried the audience into something you would want to fade into. Following their set, there were multiple solo performances composed of covers. Sasami Ashworth of SASAMI graciously gave bouquets of flowers to each one of her friends who performed which gave a sense of community and intimacy at the show.

R-E-D. SASAMI’s performance was infused with the bright energy of their monochromatic outfits they wore on stage. Their debut album, SASAMI, feels like a sense of release. The sense of fantasy and humor in her music videos easily translate to their live performances with Sasami’s banter. The biggest name at the show had to be Sasami’s dad who came out to support them (as pictured with Sasami after the show). - Emma

These were taken at The Echo on April 3rd for Pinstriped Zine. This was the first time I was given an official photo pass and is sentimental to me. Here is the link to the article:

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